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6 Reasons to Support Dallas Furniture Bank This Spring

Dallas Furniture Bank provides basic home furnishings to those coming out homelessness or in poverty. We are a non-profit organization that relies heavily on community support. We are dedicated to supporting our community and making a difference. There are plenty of organizations in the Dallas area that are making a difference, so why should you support Dallas Furniture Bank specifically? In this blog, we are going to give you six reasons to support us here at DFB.

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We Have Partners Who Help Our Mission

Here at DFB, we realize that collaboration with Dallas Metro Area non-profit organizations is necessary to better serve the community’s needs. We frequently work with our partners to get furniture to the places where they are needed most. DFB appreciates the agencies who partner with us to fulfill our mission of providing furniture to families transitioning from homelessness; restoring normalcy and independence. Learn more about our partner agencies here.

We Offer a Place for Donating Furniture for Your Spring Cleaning

Here in Dallas, the first day of Spring means two things. The first thing is that means the weather is finally starting to get nice again. In no time, we’ll see trees budding and have the beautiful, green Dallas we all love. The other is that it’s time for spring cleaning. Spring cleaning allows homeowners and business owners to freshen up their space and get rid of any items that they deem unnecessary. One big item that can clear up some space is furniture.

For a lot of people, extra furniture usually ends up in the basement or storage before spring cleaning day even arrives, but you can schedule an appointment with DFB to pick up your donated furniture. We do have restrictions on what we will and won’t accept. Upholstered items need to be free of stains and tears.

You Would Support the Thousands of Families in Poverty Living in Dallas

Over 20% of Dallas’s population lives below the poverty line, and thousands of children sleep on the floor every night. Although the coldness of winter has passed, there is no wrong season to donate new or slightly used mattresses to those in need. Read more on how you can donate and other ways you can help here.

DFB Has Proven Our Dedication to Our Cause

DFB has made significant positive impacts on the 15,000 individuals we have served since 2003. Though many of our agency partners provide housing for those in need, furniture resources are not provided to approximately 90% of these families. Furniture fills a house with practical comfort and instills a sense of hope. DFB collects basic household furniture from private households and businesses and stores them in a warehouse for future distribution. Simply put, we coordinate the transfer of unwanted, gently used furniture from people who wish to donate to those who are desperately in need.

We Offer Volunteer Hours

DFB offers you many opportunities to volunteer your time and make a difference in the Dallas Community. DFB’s volunteers help to raise awareness, serve our clients, provide reliable leadership with annual events and participate in various yearly special projects. This is a great opportunity for you to get needed volunteer hours or are great for corporate groups, small groups, and churches. Now that the weather is getting nicer, we will have more volunteer opportunities available.

DFB needs:

  • Warehouse Assistance: Building furniture; warehouse set up, cleaning, moving, and staging furniture.
  • Office Assistance: Follow-up calls and surveys to assess client satisfaction.
  • Shopping Assistance: Volunteers give personal one-on-one attention to clients “shopping” for furniture. Answer questions, offer direction when needed, and assist clients with selecting and loading their furniture.
  • Charitable event coordinators.

Interested? Learn more about our volunteer opportunities here.

DFB is a Non-Profit Organization

Because all of our profits go towards our cause, we highly depend on financial support to keep our dream alive. Financial donations will not only go towards improving our organization, but it will also improve the lives of those we assist. Learn more about providing financial contributions here.

Get in Touch With Dallas Furniture Bank

Spring is a season where everything blooms and comes back to life. We want the same thing for those in need here in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Have any questions or concerns? Feel free to contact our team today!