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Donate Your Mattress in Dallas/Fort Worth

Dallas Furniture Bank’s mission is to provide basic furniture to families in the Fort Worth and Dallas area living in poverty and transitioning out of homelessness. We are so dedicated to this cause because of these statistics that Kera News gathered from the Center for Public Policy Priorities (CPPP):

  • 1.5 million Texas children live in poverty, defined by a family of four: mother, father, and two children earning $25,000 or less a year.
  • About 155,000 of those children live in Dallas County.
  • 50,000 of those in the city of Dallas qualify as living in extreme poverty, defined as a family of four living on $14,000 or less a year.
  • Single mothers in Dallas are twice as likely to live at or below the poverty line as single fathers. One-third of Dallas children live with a single mother.
  • 43 percent of Dallasites speak a language other than English. Not speaking English can slow one’s education, which then impacts a child’s ability to succeed in the future.
  • 25 percent of all Dallasites were born in another country.
  • Texas has one-fifth of the nation’s uninsured children. In Dallas County, that numbers 104,000 children.

A lot of these children are falling asleep on the floor every night and need help from generous donors to help them get a bed and a sense of home. Donating a mattress to Dallas Furniture Bank can help the thousands of children sleeping without beds.

We have received generous donations from organizations like the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army donated 150 new twin-sized beds. Additionally, they donated 125 barely used twin-size mattresses which are all cleaned and sanitized because they have impervious covers. In addition to all of this, the Salvation Army also gave us 40 rollaway beds, which are going to be used in hotels.

We have received private donations as well with DFB receiving 100 brand-new full-size mattresses. In total, we have 415 mattresses ready to be given to children who are either sharing beds or are going to sleep without one.

Here at DFB, we cannot emphasize enough how important donations like these are to positively impact the Dallas and Fort Worth community. Donating slightly used or new beds give children not only a safe and comfortable place to sleep but a sense of home which is crucial in a child’s development.

How do I donate?

DFB warmly invites you to visit our Donations page to learn more about our donation process and see if your bed donation can be used. We greatly appreciate any possible contributions.

Another option to donate one of your mattresses is if you signed up for a certain trial for a bed that you were looking for. If you didn’t like the bed that you used, it is possible you can donate that one. You will have to connect with the mattress company, but if you explain what you plan on doing with the mattress, that mattress company will likely let you donate.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our friendly team here in the Dallas area.